8 Sex Toy Brands Making Sex Toys Cool Again


8 Sex Toy Brands Making Sex Toys Cool Again

Sexual Innovation
Means Sexual Liberation

Even a decade ago, owning a pleasure device of any kind felt slightly shameful. It was as though it was a secret to be hidden away, in our most private drawer only to be seen on dark lonely nights (or maybe this was just my experience). This feeling was in part due to how sex toys were manufactured to be blatantly realistic and obnoxiously large. Let’s just say before the 90s, vibrators were not discrete—or cute, for that matter.

As we continue to shift our cultural narratives surrounding sexuality, we are able to propel a ripple effect throughout the industries dedicated to catering to our sexual desires. The pleasure toy industry has been slowly but surely shifting alongside us toward the prioritization of women’s pleasure along with innovations for transgender pleasure as well. There is an emphasis on innovative, anatomically-driven designs and celebrating women designers who are modernizing the industry. They are helping us to comfortably explore our sexuality and desires without feeling shame or that there is a one-size-fits-all approach.

Below are some of the leading pleasure brands started mainly by women founders who are leading the industry into a new frontier of empowerment and liberation.