4 Vegan Mattresses For Sweeter Sleep


4 Vegan Mattresses For Sweeter Sleep

All Natural & Cruelty-Free Mattresses

Where we catch our zzz’s is where we spend a third of our lives—so we recommend investing in the best of the best when it comes to mattresses. Most mattresses include petroleum-based foams, toxic flame retardants, pesticides, and other gases/chemicals that can be dangerous to our health, especially night after night. Instead, we can opt for vegan, all-natural mattresses that will keep us sleeping soundly and healthy—without harming people, planet, or animals.

We’ve found four vegan mattresses that are sure to give you your best night’s sleep. None contain wool or animal by-products, and they’re all made in the USA. We also love these brands for their excellent customer service, financing options, and sustainable materials.