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Natural Sources of Creatine and TaurineNatural Sources of Creatine and Taurine

Creatine and taurine have become quite popular in the last few years. This is due to their use in sport supplementation in order to enhance the sport performance. Moreover, they are also present in most energy drinks. But today, we are going to see what are the best natural sources of creatine and taurine.

Facts about Creatine

Our body naturally produces around 2g of creatine daily in the kidneys, liver, and pancreas. These organs synthesize it into amino acids so that the bloodstream will be able to transport them to the muscles.

Our body stores most of the creatine in the skeletal muscle. Above all, creatine provides energy to the muscles, which increases the muscle growth and strength.

Climbing stairs

A supply of creatine is highly beneficial for the nerve cells, as well as to support a number of other bodily functions. For instance, supporting the growth of tissue, regulating the metabolism and increasing the physical strength and resistance.

What about Taurine?

Our body also produces taurine naturally. In addition, this amino acid helps to preserve our nervous system, as well as the water and mineral salts carried in the bloodstream.

It also plays an important role in the protein synthesis and metabolism, which directly affects the physical performance.

Heart Health

What are other benefits of its main benefits? Taurine helps to preserve the health of the cardiovascular system, not bad right?

After this brief introduction, let’s find out what are the best natural sources of creatine and taurine.

Foods Rich in Creatine

Apart from being produced by the body, you can obtain creatine from meat and fish. Therefore, it means that animal protein is rich in creatine.

Actually, around half of the creatine from the body comes from the food we eat. Lean red meat and fish are excellent natural sources of creatine. Make sure to include them in your weekly diet.

Do you like fish? Then, you can eat herring, salmon and tuna, since they are the best fish sources of creatine.

Beef and creatine

Despite all the different types of meat that are available, the experts have concluded that bush meat is the best source of animal creatine. For example, deer, bison or buffalo, to name a few. Another advantage of bush meat is that it has less calories and saturated fat. Consequently, it has more fat-free tissue when compared than domestic meat.

The next step on the ranking of best natural sources of creatine goes to fat-free farmyard meat. For instance, chicken, turkey and hen, followed by lamb and beef.

Finally, the last position is for wild fish, which has an average of 1-2 grams of creatine every 100g approximately.

But, what happens to fish from fish farms? Like other animals fed and bred with a poor diet, they will have lower levels of creatine. Therefore, they are not a good source of creatine.

Why take supplements with this ergogenic ingredient?

You would have to eat around one kilo of beef in order to obtain 5 grams of creatine approximately. Actually, this is the average dose used by the vast majority of athletes. Therefore, it would be impossible for them t o obtain all the creatine they need just from natural sources. Something similar happens with fish.

Is there a way to fix this? You can always use creatine supplements. In fact, this becomes extremely important for vegans and vegetarians, since they need to meet their creatine requirements without using animal products.

Brief list of sources of creatine (g/kg)

  • Pork (5g)
  • Beef (4.5g)
  • Salmon (4.5g)
  • Tuna (4g)
  • Cod (3g)
  • Sole (2g)
  • Milk (0.1g)
  • Shrimp (traces)
  • Fruit (traces)
  • Vegetables (traces)
  • Carbohydrates (traces)

Natural sources of Taurine

Like creatine, taurine is available in meat and fish, as well as breast milk, eggs and dairy products. The heart and liver are better sources of taurine than other parts.

Do you love seafood? Lucky you, because clams and scallops are taurine-rich products. In general, shellfish are better natural sources of taurine than red meat.

Fish, meat and eggs sources of creatine and taurine

Fish, poultry, dairy products, as well as seafood are important sources of taurine.

Why using supplementation of this amino acid is indispensable?

Because you probably will not be able to obtain all the taurine your body needs just from food. Therefore, you will need to take supplements of this powerful antioxidant that can improve your sport performance and protect your muscles during high intensity workouts.

In fact, a lack of taurine can trigger muscle and digestive problems that can even affect the central nervous system.

Moreover, the taurine levels drop with the passing of time. Therefore, we will need to use taurine supplementation sooner or later, specially if we do physical exercise.

So, keeping our creatine and taurine levels under control will improve both your physical performance as well as your health in general. Following a diet that includes both sources of creatine and taurine is extremely important. Although you can also take advantage of creatine supplements, do not wait for someone to come and tell you how it feels!

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Natural Sources of Creatine and Taurine Review

Creatine provides energy – 100%

Taurine protects the nervous system – 99%

Creatine: Meat and Fish – 95%

Taurine: dairy products – 100%


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