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Evogummy, your best ally for Intra and Post-Competition in CyclingEvogummy, your best ally for Intra and Post-Competition in Cycling

Would you like to have plenty of energy during long Cycling races? Do you need to recharge your glycogen deposits after the most demanding competitions? In HSN, we want to introduce you to our new carbohydrate bar, which is perfect for your cycling workouts: Evogummy by HSNsports specially designed for Cycling. Do you want to find out more? Then, keep reading!

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What are the needs of a Cyclist?

The experts agree that a cyclist needs around 400-800kcal per hour during a demanding cycling session. That is, it has to be of a high intensity as well as long.

Moreover, let’s not forget that the best thing is to use fast absorption carbohydrates, as long as the workout does not last more than 90 minutes. Therefore, it is extremely important to carry products with these features during the competition or workout. You never know when you will need them to avoid running out of energy!

That is why, the R+D+i department from HSN has come up with a product that will not only provide the necessary carbohydrates to keep your energy deposits full…

In fact, Evogummy is a gummy bar that has been enriched with vitamins, minerals, L-glutamine and L-carnitine L-tartrate.

Do you need anything else to give your best performance while cycling? It is the perfect product to take with you, either for MTB, BTT or Road Cycling!

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What is Evogummy by HSNsports?

But that is just scratching the surface, now, we are going to talk about the composition of this product and all its benefits for you!

Let’s start by talking about the amount of carbohydrates per serving: this bar will provide 20.6g per bar. That is right! All those carbs in just 30g!

The first advantage is that it comes in a gummy format, which makes it much easier to consume. In fact, you will not have to chew it as much as other bars and it will not be hard to swallow at all! We know how difficult it is to chew when the rivals are getting closer…

Moreover, it is a product that is made from natural fruit, which means that it is a fat-free bar. Forget about bars that take a lot of space and that make you feel heavy in the middle of the race.

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What is its main objective?

Evogummy has been specially designed for the intra-workout or post-competition. Therefore, its main objective will be to recharge your glycogen deposits from your muscles.

Not running out of muscle glycogen is probably the most important thing for a cyclist. Either if we are talking about long and intense workouts or competitions, we need to do our best without knowing how much our energy will last. Otherwise, our body will not function properly and the onset of fatigue will come sooner than what we expected.

For all this, it is of upmost importance to take an Evogummy bar during a high intensity workout or for the post-workout recovery. Moreover, we can combine this energy bar with other recovery products such as Evorecovery. This product will also provide hydrolyzed whey protein in order to meet the nutrient requirements of cyclists so that they will make the most of their workouts.

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It does not matter if you are a professional or amateur who wants to stay in shape and control their exercise and nutrition!

Moreover, its strawberry flavor is 100% appetizing, which is easy to open no matter at which point of the route you find yourself in: sun, rain or at the fastest speed because you are in the best group!

Evogummy by HSN in Competitions

In HSN, we always like to go with the best athletes, offering our products so that they will reach their goals.

That is why we have sponsored the 4th Cronoescalada Castell-Conjuro of road cycling to classify for the Road Cycling  Province Circuit from Granada. More than 250 male and female cyclists will participate in categories that go from Beginner to Master 60.

All the participants will be given an Evogummy apart from complete information about the product that all cyclists were expecting.

What better way to test the best gummy energy bar than with a timed race that goes through a 12 km mountain port with slopes of up to a 16%?

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You will always reach success with HSN!

What other supplements should a cyclist take?

If you have reached this part, you probably are interested in knowing more about supplements for cycling. We do not want to miss this opportunity to suggest some of the basic products that you not be missing from your supplementation. Grab some pen a paper and head over to our online store by clicking on this link.

1. Evorecovery

We have already mentioned this product briefly and it should be the first one on your shopping list.

What is it and what is Evorecovery used for? It is the best post-workout product for endurance sports. In fact, it will provide all the necessary nutrients to recover from the most demanding efforts.

Above all, it is a combination of carbohydrates (30g per serving) from different sources, such as Cluster Dextrin. It also includes hydrolyzed whey protein with the raw ingredient Lacprodan Hydro.90 INS, apart from amino acids and minerals that will shorten the process.

2. Evodrink 2.0

A product to make an intra-workout drink adjusted to the needs of a high intensity sport such as cycling. To do this, it provides new generation carbohydrates and pre-digested proteins. Moreover, it also contains BCAA’s, which is why it will also support the post-workout recovery.

3. Evoenergy

New generation carbohydrate gels with vitamin C. This product will delay the fatigue thanks to its fast absorption. Do not forget to always carry one of these gels in your maillot! Use it both for your competitions and workouts. Choose between the gel with caffeine or without caffeine. It is up to you! 

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🚴‍♂ ¡Sábado toca Bici! 👉 Evoenergy Gel Sin Cafeína es ideal para llevarlo a carreras o rutas en bicicleta. 🔥 Se recomienda tomar durante el ejercicio físico. . . . #hsn #hsnsports #bike #ciclismo #montaña #ciclismo #mtb #actividad #familia #gel #energia #airelibre #workout

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4. Evohydro 2.0

The most recommended Whey Protein for cyclists. It will provide 27g of protein per serving of the highest quality and the fastest absorption. Improve your muscle recovery!

5. Special Pack for Cyclists

Are you a demanding cyclist? We have made a pack of special supplements specially for you.

What comes in this Pack for Cyclists?

  • Evokalyn
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Citrulline Malate
  • Amylopectin 2.0
  • Evocarbs 2.0
  • Glutamine Peptides
  • Evolate 2.0


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Evogummy Review

Requirements of athletes – 100%

Carbohydrate supply – 100%

Made from natural fruit – 100%

Evogummy for competitions – 100%


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